We started blogging!

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Hello friends, hello world! 
We’re happy to announce that we’ve finally started blogging.
We said finally because we had this idea for a while…

So, among projects and courses, we took the time to do the research, to develop a plan, to figure out how to bring value to our target audience, and now … we started blogging!

Why are we doing this?

We believe that through what we love, know, and do, we can bring value to people’s lives. 
We’ve become better because of our desire to learn and take action, but most importantly, we’ve become better because others inspired us. People get better when they have better examples around them.

Now, after years of learning and testing through practice in marketing, photography, concept development, human mind and behavior, video production, communication, and some other related fields, we feel that we have the expertise to share valuable information with you. And if we can change your life, just a bit, for the better (as others did for us), we have achieved our goal!

What you’ll read about? 

As you may already guess, we plan to share useful information about our industry (video production), mindset, and communication. We’ll also talk about our projects, making-of, gear, tips & tricks, and many more. So, if you’re an entrepreneur at the beginning of the road or a freelancer who works in our industry, or you just like the topics we approach, our content might be for you.


We’ll keep our articles short and efficient because efficiency is something we value both in our personal and professional lives. Depending on the topic, the articles will be written by us separately or together.

That’s about it for now.

Until we bake the next one you can see our work here, read more about us here, or check our Instagram’s here, here, and here.



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