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“Popotamii Vorbesc” – Educational series.

Reading Time: 4 min Hello entrepreneurs,  We’ve started an educational interview series called “Popotamii Vorbesc” in the Romanian language. Our goal is to raise awareness about the power and importance of having well-made videos (from strategy, to concept and implementation) and how these can help you grow your business. Each episode covers a specific topic from our industry. We will…

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We moved to Cluj-Napoca.

Reading Time: < 1 min Hello clients, hello partners, hello friends, hello world! We’re happy to announce that we grow, and we moved our main office from Timisoara to Cluj-Napoca, Romania.   Don’t worry though, we’ll continue to bring value to your brands through what we love to do. We still have ongoing projects in Timisoara, and we’ll take new projects…

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Effective videos or just videos?

Reading Time: 3 min Any video is a video, but not any video is a good and effective one. You don’t need to be an expert to see what’s obvious, but is it really enough to have any video to get results?  Well, not really! To create effective videos, you need much more… Before developing this topic, let’s see…

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Employee or Entrepreneur?

Reading Time: 2 min Employee or Entrepreneur, which is better? Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, neither being an employee. I’m not someone who thinks that having your own business is “always” better than “having a job”. Experiencing both sides, I can tell you that each one comes with pros and cons, and I strongly believe that if you do…

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2020 Retrospective

Reading Time: 2 min What a year, but…  We are grateful for what we accomplished. That’s why we want to write a few words about our 2020 Retrospective.In the beginning, 2020 looked like a normal year. We started a project for the British International School of  Timisoara – link here – and we planned and scheduled the next ones.    …

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We started blogging!

Reading Time: 2 min Hello friends, hello world! We’re happy to announce that we’ve finally started blogging. We said finally because we had this idea for a while… So, among projects and courses, we took the time to do the research, to develop a plan, to figure out how to bring value to our target audience, and now … we…

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