Effective videos or just videos?

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Any video is a video, but not any video is a good and effective one. You don’t need to be an expert to see what’s obvious, but is it really enough to have any video to get results?  Well, not really! To create effective videos, you need much more…

Before developing this topic, let’s see things from a different perspective:

Audi, Mercedes, Fiat, dismantled cars, lego cars, etc. All of them are cars, right? But, can you reach a destination with a car that has no steering wheel? Or let’s suppose that you are a lawyer and you want to be perceived as a strong and trusted person. Do you think you’ll leave that impression by stepping out of a tiny, shinny, pinky car? Not really!

As cliché as it might sound, details influence the results you’ll get. Always!
The same is with video, too. 

So, what makes the difference, and what should you pay attention to, in order to create effective videos?


Do you need a freelancer, a team of experts, or can you do it by yourself?

It depends on many factors, and some of them are your budget, brand size, brand positioning, project complexity, expectations, etc.

If your company is small and you don’t have the resources to work with a video agency, yes, you can start by creating videos by yourself, or you can hire a freelancer you can afford.
It’s better to start than to wait till you have a bigger budget, right?

In this case, our advice for you before starting anything is to get clear on what you want, define your target audience, do research, and always keep it simple. Try to be consistent and congruent with what you communicate visually. 

On the other hand, if you are a company that has financial resources, you should be consulting a team of experts if you want to make effective videos and get great results.

Watch out for the trap!
Pay attention to the specialization, knowledge, creativity, and expertise of the ones you choose!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the people who are in the same industry can do anything. Just because someone owns a camera, it doesn’t mean that they know how to make videos that work.

Why so? Let’s see it in this way. Can a family doctor make a heart transplant just because he is a doctor? Like many other fields, the video industry has many slices, and each of them requires different skills. Some are specialized in music videos, some in weddings or live events, others in promoting brands, products, or services, etc.

Knowing how to operate a camera is important, but useless if all the other pieces are missing. When it comes to promoting a brand, a product, or a service in a saturated market, it’s not enough to make videos with beautiful visuals and soundtracks. Instead, you need a strategic approach.

So, before choosing your team, we advise you to take enough time to do the research, watch their portfolio, find more about their expertise and their approach.


Let’s pretend you like Rihanna’s style a lot. Does it mean that from tomorrow you should start wearing and acting like her? If it doesn’t resonate with your personality, you shouldn’t do it just because you like it, or because it’s cool – but unfortunately, lots of brands have this approach (without knowing, we hope!) 

Just because an idea is interesting, does not mean that it is suitable for your brand or the message you want to communicate.

Do, say, or show relevant things that represent your brand’s identity!


A good idea is almost nothing without a proper implementation (concept development, scriptwriting, actors, locations, gear, directing, filming, editing, sound effects, color grading, etc.)

As we already said in the beginning: all details matter and influence the final result. To cook a good soup, you need all the ingredients. Boiled water, half a carrot, and some spices are not really a soup.

In summary, if you plan to make a video, don’t treat this task with indifference. Do your research and pay attention to all the details, even if you are doing the video by yourself.

In the end, you want to get into an “in a relationship” status with your clients.
So ask yourself: after they see what you deliver to them, are they willing to get in a relationship with your brand?

Till next time, we wish you all the best!
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