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“Popotamii Vorbesc” – Educational series.

Reading Time: 4 min Hello entrepreneurs,  We’ve started an educational interview series called “Popotamii Vorbesc” in the Romanian language. Our goal is to raise awareness about the power and importance of having well-made videos (from strategy, to concept and implementation) and how these can help you grow your business. Each episode covers a specific topic from our industry. We will…

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What do we do at Popotam Productions Video Agency?

Reading Time: 2 min As you may already guess, we’re a creative video agency. We find solutions that boost your business, through efficient, engaging, and high-quality videos. We combine our expertise in marketing, human behavior, and video production to help brands achieve their goals. As a creative video agency, we do everything in-house: Concept Pre-production Production Post-production THINK OF US AS…

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Why is video so powerful? Scientific facts.

Reading Time: 3 min The information that a video is a powerful tool is not new. We see lots of studies that show us the positive effects of videos regarding promoting a brand. Nowadays, marketers recommend using videos as much as we are told to drink a minimum of a two-liter of water a day. Also, in the past…

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How much does a video cost?

Reading Time: 3 min The question “how much does a video cost?” is timeless, and many clients are looking for a quick answer. So, it’s time to solve the mystery. Maybe you expect us to give you a number, but the only thing we can say to you is: it depends! Video production costs vary from a few thousand to…

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Effective videos or just videos?

Reading Time: 3 min Any video is a video, but not any video is a good and effective one. You don’t need to be an expert to see what’s obvious, but is it really enough to have any video to get results?  Well, not really! To create effective videos, you need much more… Before developing this topic, let’s see…

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Employee or Entrepreneur?

Reading Time: 2 min Employee or Entrepreneur, which is better? Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, neither being an employee. I’m not someone who thinks that having your own business is “always” better than “having a job”. Experiencing both sides, I can tell you that each one comes with pros and cons, and I strongly believe that if you do…

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